A Life in Cheese

The first cheese I remember was Teleme Jack. When I bought it after so many years at Rainbow Grocery in 2018, I learned again after so many years  turns out its a rather special cheese. still made by the same people in the same way… My mother had cheese parties.

Cheese is Made by People

Cheese is made by people. I’ve now tried twice,  and I conclude that Australian oysters are superior to English ones,  giving AU its 2nd point against Europe . It wasn’t my  first trip to London but the first wasn’t a fair test,  as the first was during Christmas week and

RootStock: natural wine to accompany local food movement

Tattood chefs drink wine and talk shop over blowtorches, barbecues, and stockpots on portable burners at Rootstock Festival What is Rootstock? It’s a massive warehouse. Jazz saxophone reverberates noisily from a variety of hard surfaces. Barbecue smoke scents the air. Hundreds of blue jeans park on or hover above milk

Underground Restaurant: the book

What’s Underground Restaurant about? After cooking 26 dinners in 3 countries over the last 7 years, we finally wrote the story of our underground restaurant!  It’s a ten course feast, and all the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and artisan producers. The preparation is simple, to inspire our guests


I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve just had the opportunity to interview and photograph Melinda Dimitriades of Farmgate. Her main thing there (surrounded with lots of other goodness) is rare breed black pig meat. I’m going to be posting the whole interview and maybe

a history of cool

I joke that my two food groups are kale and ice cream. Truth being always more complicated than the stories we tell, the kale is often chicory, and I sometimes go days without ice cream… But since I try to eat organic ingredients it often occurs to me that the

The last meal question

Wow. I just joined StudioFeast‘s mailing list. I knew they asked the last meal question on their website (and do an annual feast of last meals), but I wasn’t expecting to have to answer it to get on the mailing list. Heavy question. And evocative. My answers weren’t what I

integrity (realgoodfood)

I don’t usually eat meusli, but my body targeted its cravings that way last week, and I follow. I found a beautiful one, and expensive, from realgoodfood. I was especially pleased with it because the phrase “organic” emblazoned on the label turned out to refer not only to the grains